Meet Zigi! SIGN ME UP Your Mobile Gas Delivery Service.

For as low as $20/month,
fuel is delivered right to your car.

Meet Zigi! SIGN ME UP Your Mobile Gas Delivery Service.

For as low as $25/month,
fuel is delivered right to your car.

Mobile Gas Delivery Service

Why You Need It

Stopping at a gas station? I can't even.

Zigi Gas delivers gasoline right to your car. It's just that simple. No more stops at the gas station. Once you become a Zigi member and we schedule your regular weekly delivery, the inconvenience of stopping at the gas station becomes a thing of the past. Zigi takes care of it.

Mobile Gas Delivery Service

How It Works

Sign Up. Get Delivery. Chill!

Signing up online takes moments. Click sign up, enter some details about your car, enter your billing information, and that’s it! Once you become a member, we’ll send you a reminder on the day of your delivery to pop your fuel tank. After that, Zigi does the rest.

Zigi Membership

$ 25/month
Plus the Cost of Gas
87 Regular or 91 Premium
Weekly Gas Delivery
Drop the Stop!


Life is better with Zigi!


No more stopping for gas. Boom, your life just got easier. Your drive to work just got easier. Running errands just got easier.


The price of the gas you get from Zigi is comparable to what you pay at a station. But time is money and you just saved a ton.

Good For You

No more breathing in gas fumes or handling pumps touched by millions of grubby hands. No more standing in the heat while the tank fills. Good for you!

Good For The Environment

Zigi delivers gas to many many cars and motorcycles, meaning each and every one of those does not need to travel to a gas station. Think of all the gas that is saved.


Zigi travels throughout the Phoenix metro area.

We cover all the major cities—Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Peoria, Glendale, Mesa—plus everything in-between.

I'm a mom of 3 young kids and it seemed like my gas light always came on at the worst times. I haven't had to stop for gas in 6 weeks and it seriously has changed my life. I knew I didn't like getting gas, who does, but I really didn't understand how amazing this service was until I started using it. It really is a game changer!


Just a quick thank you for the excellent service provided by you and your team at Zigi Gas. I have been a member for almost two months and would not hesitate to tell anyone about your awesome one of a kind company, I look forward to Wednesdays now that I wake up with a full tank of gas and don’t have to stop at the gas station. I am 100% happy I #droppedthestop! Thank you to you and your team for an excellent service.


Zigi gas lets me prioritize creating meaningful moments with family. No more interrupting our events with “we just need to stop and get gas”. I just don’t need to think about it anymore.


Zigi gas is an awesome service. It is a convenient and worry free way to receive gas. I don’t even have to think about anything when they come deliver. I just wake up in the morning and my gas tank is full. It’s a great service and I would highly recommend Zigi gas to anyone.